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Statement of Understanding

To become a member of the San Francisco Psychotherapy Research Group (SFPRG), please read and consent to the following statement of understanding:

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  1. I understand that San Francisco Psychotherapy Research Group (SFPRG) exists for the benefit of the public at large and not for the private gain of any individual member or members of the organization.
  2. I understand that membership in SFPRG is on a non-voting basis, and there are no voting rights under California corporate law or other rights associated with statutory members. No goods or services are provided to members of SFPRG solely as a benefit of their membership in SFPRG.
  3. By becoming a member, I agree to support the goals and principles of SFPRG, namely: (a) To conduct research on how to improve the effectiveness of psychotherapy; (b) To support the training of mental health professionals through our training center; (c) To provide mental health services through our low-fee clinic; (d) To promote mental health through the education of the public; and (e) To offer ongoing educational programs for mental health professionals.
  4. I affirm my commitment to act in accordance with any ethical standards and guidelines applicable to me in the exercise of my profession, and any standards of conduct that may be promulgated and published by the Board of Directors of SFPRG for its members from time to time.
  5. I understand that membership in SFPRG does not constitute a certification or endorsement by SFPRG of any members’ professional skill, training, beliefs, methodologies, or activities. Moreover, in accordance with the requirements of SFPRG’s charitable and tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, SFPRG does not refer patients to members or members to patients for the private benefit of SFPRG members. I agree that I will not misrepresent the significance of SFPRG membership to the public or any third party.
  6. If I choose to create a page in the Find A Therapist Database, I will comply with the Terms of Use associated with that Database and will only provide information that is truthful and complete and not in any way false, misleading, or deceptive.
  7. I understand that as a member, I may attend special events or programs sponsored by SFPRG and may be allowed a discount on these events or on materials produced by SFPRG.
  8. I understand that my membership in SFPRG may be revoked at any time, with or without prior notice, at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors of SFPRG.