The major intellectual focus of Dr. Hal Sampson’s professional life centers on his 40+ year collaboration with Dr. Joseph Weiss in the further development of Weiss’s “Control Mastery Theory.” Dr. Sampson has been active in teaching these ideas to a large number of students; presenting the theory to numerous Psychoanalytic Institutes across the United States and Europe (Rome, Florence, and Milan), as well as to many universities and psychotherapy associations across the country; debating these ideas in forums with critics; authoring letters and articles on aspects of the theory; directing, with Weiss, a series of research projects testing the new hypotheses against competing psychotherapeutic and psychoanalytic hypotheses; and co-founding the Therapy Research Group (now known as “the San Francisco Psychotherapy Research Group”) which carried out the research mentioned above, produced leaders in teaching generations of new psychotherapy students, and disseminated the theory locally, nationally, and internationally.

Hal Sampson, PhD  has published more than 20 articles (often with colleagues) on diverse topics including several on psychoanalytic theory, psychoanalytic process, psychotherapy, psychological impact of dream deprivation by curtailing rapid eye movement sleep, family adaptations to severe mental illness and their consequences for the patient, pathways to mental hospitalization, comparison of memories recorded in process notes with verbatim transcripts, and treatment by attitudes.

Of all his publications, his own two favorite articles are The Role of “Real” Experience in Psychopathology and Treatment, Psychoanalytic Dialogues, 1992 and Treatment by Attitudes, Chapter 7, in Transformative Relationships: The Control Mastery Theory of Psychotherapy. Ed: George Silberschatz, 2005.